1. Choose a Somfy motor

  2. Install with a Somfy expert 

3.  Sit back and enjoy

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Why motorize your rolling shutters?



Insulate your home against all weather conditions and noise, or close your shutters for complete darkness. All at the touch of a button.



Combine an RTS motor with shutters that color match your home’s interior or exterior. Even add a motor to your existing shutters at your home for the perfect match.



Motorized shutters close to offer you complete privacy, combine that with with tamper-resistant rigid links and you have the ultimate safety and privacy device for your home.



In winter, program your shutters to close at dusk and save up to 10% on your heating costs. In summer, a sun sensor can lower your home’s temperature up to 9° in pace with the sun.



Our myLinkTM app enables you to operate your rolling shutters anytime, anywhere. And Somfy motors integrate seamlessly into other home automation systems, creating the ultimate smart home..