How to Save

Energy is becoming scarce. Prices are going up. Energy efficiency has become a major concern.

70% of your heat and 46% of your air conditioning is leaving your home through your doors and windows — and that is only if they are in good condition! The demand for rolling shutters has gone up as home owners become more energy conscious in an attempt to reduce power bills, especially in the past five years.

Rolling shutters are made from aluminum slats and when used over doors and windows, they keep out wind, heat, cold and dust. Industry standards state that the shutters lower power consumption as much as 64% year round, a key factor. The shutters can be operated manually, electrically and by remote control.

Prevent fading over time to your furniture and other valuables! Rolling shutters cover openings that let in damaging sunlight.

Indoor spaces can be up to 90% cooler in summer and 50% warmer in winter, compared to rooms without rolling shutters. On cold winter days, the cold wind stays outside, providing comfort and keeping heating bills down to a minimum. On hot sunny days, air conditioning may not be needed..

Shutters allow flexible and automated control of sunlight, minimizing damage to carpets, wood flooring, paintings, furniture and plants from ultraviolet light. The silver anodized surface of our shutters, reflects up to 92% of sunlight. It’s more than protection though – shutters give you the opportunity to control the shade and temperature inside the room, allowing a more comfortable living or working environment.