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Counter Top Anti-Burglar Shutter

The counter style anti-burglar shutter is designed to provide high protection of site opening demanding high security requirements. (Banks, Jewelry Stores, Currency Exchange, pharmacy etc.). The anti- burglar characteristics is determined by product resistance to smash and grab, break-in resistance using a dedicated tool (crowbar, chisel, hacksaw, sledgehammer etc.)

Egress Security Screen

The security screen product is the new standard of security for small residential windows. It offers a nearly impenetrable stainless steel screen protection for your widows. The egress screens allows the home owner to open up from the inside of the home and provides an escape in the case of fire or related emergencies. The security screen is extremely aesthetically pleasing as it allows no change in the appearance of the home while providing optimal protection. Installing this physical barrier in front of your window not only prevents break-ins but its also an energy efficient product and allows customers to save by cancelling alarm security features for those specified openings. Alarms notify us when the burglar is already inside the home whereas this screen prevents them from gaining entry into your home. As the new standard in home security evolves, the security screen proves to be at the forefront in that is a low maintenance product, extremely strong, has no moving parts and merges into your existing infrastructure.

Fixed Security Screens

The “fixed” security screen offers both security & vision and can be used for residential as well as commercial applications. Customers can see outside during the day and retailers can merchandise safely all night long if they leave the lights on. Screens will repel rocks, bricks, knives, crowbars etc.) The screen maintains existing architectural designs and aesthetic curves. The subtle stainless steel screen frame s fabricated to integrate with the building design while improving maximum security with minimal visual impact. Our security screen meets the large missile impact test for Category 5 hurricanes- the most stringent residential test available. It also reduces glass breakage from flying debris.

Perforated Aluminum Shutters

The Perforated commercial securityshutter is designed to protect your business from unwanted visitors with a vision style feature. This special punch design rolls compact for minimum installation space while providing commercial strength for protection. This shutter can be installed on the inside to protect the mechandise as well as outside to protect the glass of a commercial building.

Qompact Security Shutter

The Qompact Rolling Shutter system is the newest and most innovative product on the rolling shutter market today. What makes the Qompact shutter system unique is the 12 different slat sizes that have been ingeniously engineered to allow the slats to roll tightly with each other. The roll allows for virtually zero space between the slats creating a compact roll and thus a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing box size.

Rolling Grilles

Rolling grilles provide excellent appearance to store windows and stained glass windows, and good protection of the merchandise. They are an attribute of today’s trade centers and shops, and perfectly match with any building’s architecture and shopping mall interior space. Thanks to NSS rolling grills the shop windows can operate even at night. Certified anti-burglar protection enables usage of grills for protection of banks, offices, pharmacies and restaurants.

Solid Aluminum Shutters

National Shutter System offers complete manual and automatic solutions to cover all openings for commercial buildings. By customizing the easy use of both products, per application, we provide a new level automation for store operators and business owners.

Traditional Rolling Shutters

A rolling shutter is a practical energy efficient and long lasting investment for your home. The roll form aluminum slats offer and enamel baked finish to ensure long lasting color and UV-Ray protection. 80% of energy escapes from windows and doors and with this product you can efficiently cool your home during the summer time and keep it warm during the winter. Rolling shutters provide more than energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Traditional rolling shutters are a deterrent for burglars as well as providing noise reduction and shading support. In some states homebuyers can take advantage of a 15% tax break for weatherizing their home with aluminum foam filled rolling shutters.