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A-150 Mini Aluminum Hard Foam Filled Slat

This Aluminum Hard Foam filled Slat is filled with high-density foam that enhances durability and strength. Hard Foam Slats are the ideal solution for residential security and storm protection.


A-150 Mini Aluminum Regular Foam Filled Slat

This is a Regular Aluminum Foam Filled Slat that offers good energy saving properties, privacy shading, noise, light control and comfort. The total profile height is 1.57″/ 40mm. Available with or without light slits.


Aluminum Base Slats for Mini Slats (E-150, A-150, RLL-3)

This Base Slat is for Mini Slats(CD90, E-150, A-150, RLL3) and seals the curtain at the bottom area. These slats work together with two types: Weather Stripping #1540 and Rubber Insert #1528. Moreover they come together with #1552 and the Mini Base Slat weight #1580.