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Enjoy your deck or patio even longer with Somfy’s Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit

Motorized awnings and pergolas powered by Somfy instantly transform your deck into a cool, comfortable outdoor living space during the day, but your patio doesn’t have to be abandoned at night. Our Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit seamlessly and easily integrates into the awning arms and is controlled with the same device as the awning. Available in warm or cool white, can be easily added to an existing or new Somfy-powered featuring Radio Technology Somfy® awning installation, to create a desired ambiance.

Original price was: $837.00.Current price is: $659.00.



WIFI to RTS Interface
  • Translates WIFI to RTS so that you can control RTS motorized product with your favorite mobile device.
16 Channels
  • Each myLink can control up to 16 individual motorized products or 16 groups of motorized products which provides practical and flexible control options.
Schedules and Scenes
  • Create timed events and operate multiple motorized applications together to create your preferred ambiance and maximize the benefits that shading systems offer such as energy savings, privacy, glare control, etc.
  • Use multiple myLinks together for a whole home control solution.
Easy to Use
  • Intuitive plug-in design and on-screen setup wizard allows you to enjoy your myLink  in a few short minutes.


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