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Why Is Preventative Maintenance Necessary?
All doors, whether manual or automatic, are complex components subject to punishing wear and tear. To ensure that they
continue to function as they should, regular service, maintenance and modernization are imperative. Our specialized service covers all brands of rolling shutters, automatic or manual, to offer you a complete solution from the front to the back door of your home or business.
NSS 5 Star Agreement

NSS 5 Star Cover – A comprehensive package that offers total coverage to give you hassle free budgeting and total peace of mind [ALL PARTS COVERED]
3 Rolling Shutters $845.00

Inspection includes:
* the box housing, rails and slats, and cleaning and lubricating the tracks
* the manual control mechanism including cranks, recoil boxes and remote controls
* the locking mechanism
* the spring re-tensioning and counter balancing.
* the damaged parts of the rolling shutters [ Subject to addtional cost] Checking includes:
* the electrical components including switches and motors
* any structural changes to make sure that the rolling shutter is secured and screwed tightly * the manual override in case of power loss to ensure emergency exit

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